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In a Global Economy, Your Claims Adjuster Better Understand These 5 Nuances of an International Loss

Large losses that occur abroad involve both foreign and domestic insurers which may be subject to different regulations.

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We live in a global economy. Many U.S. businesses have an international exposure of some kind, whether they source materials, run brick and mortar locations, or maintain sales relationships abroad. Likewise, many foreign firms operate U.S. subsidiaries in order to take advantage of the large U.S. market.

While global expansion does bring new business opportunities, it also complicates a company’s risk profile. When an international entity suffers a large loss, adjusting the claim becomes complex on two levels. First, the size and complexity of the loss itself introduces its own challenges, especially when it affects multiple locations in different jurisdictions. Second, the intricacies of a multinational insurance structure present unique claim management considerations.


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