IATA Aviation Risk & Insurance Management Forum

The RIM Forum provides strategic direction to ensure that IATA activities meet the airline industry's priorities. It advises on emerging insurance and risk management issues that are of concern to the air transport industry.

When: May 15 – 16, 2019

Where: London, England

What You’ll Learn at the Conference


More urgently than ever before, hacking and terrorist attacks are at the center of international concerns so we would like to bring this important upcoming IATA event to your attention and encourage you to attend.

This year’s highlights will be two crucial interactive scenarios – an airline business failure caused by a cyber attack plus an aircraft crash caused by a malicious cyber event.

The other sessions will deal with:

  • Legal Updates
  • Terrorism Risks
  • Rogue Employees

We are bringing you a comprehensive line-up of top expert speakers and panel members from the Legal, Insurance, Broking, Law Enforcement, Specialist Adjusting and Airline communities for what is sure to be a highly-focused, stimulating and productive Forum. The keynote speeches will be delivered by Rob Webb QC, Chairman of Darktrace Ltd & former General Counsel of British Airways and Tarquin Folliss OBE, Founder & Innovation Director at Othrys Ltd, an international security consultancy that works with governments to solve national security challenges

Detecting malicious activity in our environment and timely sharing of this information with a connected community significantly increases the chances of staying ahead of the criminals. Add to that the sharing of know-how on implementing state-of the-art technology, building security protocols, training of colleagues and evaluation of lessons learned effectively enhances preventing and/or responding to threats and incidents. This will greatly benefit the safety and security of your organization.

Industry-specific conferences are one of the many ways in which IATA provides opportunities for peers to progress these topics.
We recommend all airlines to send a delegate(s) involved with Risk Management and Insurance as well as those directly involved with a loss or any of the above topics of discussion.

An agenda will be provided shortly. We look forward to seeing you in London!

To learn more about The RIM Forum , please visit their website.

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