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How to Bring Transparency to a Behavioral-Health-First Approach in Workers’ Comp

Payers and providers are looking to improve workers' comp delivery of care. That starts by bringing transparency to claims and placing behavioral health first.

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Catastrophic work-related injuries are costly in more ways than one. Workers’ comp carriers and self-insured employers often find themselves paying for lifelong care, and thanks to medical cost inflation, the advancement of medical technologies and longer lifespans, it’s not uncommon to see expenses climb into the tens of millions.

These severe injuries also take an enormous psychological toll on their victims. Some will never regain their pre-injury functionality or quality of life. A preponderance of research confirms that the resulting stress and anxiety further impede physical recovery.

It is critical for medical care in workers’ comp to consider not only the injured worker’s physical condition, but their psychological, social and environmental status as well. All these factors play a role in the worker’s well-being and ultimately, their ability to reach maximal recovery.

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