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How Data, Focused PT and Wearables Can Yield Better Patient Engagement and Superior Outcomes in Workers’ Comp

MedRisk’s team of experts is leading the way to methods of stronger, faster recovery while avoiding the expense and trauma of surgeries and addictive painkillers.

White Paper Summary

In a sense, the precepts of good workers’ compensation risk management are simple and straightforward, at least compared to some parts of commercial property/casualty insurance.

Employers and their insurers strive to help injured workers get better and get back to work, without subjecting them to unnecessary procedures and medications that might stall their recovery progress and diminish their quality of life.

Of course, keeping workers’ compensation medical costs and indemnity payments down is a laudable aspiration. But all of that comes in second to the goal of helping people who got hurt at work heal and reengage with the careers that earn them their living.

Although the goals of good workers’ compensation risk management will always be the same, the methods of achieving those goals are ever evolving.

According to Sri Sridharan, the Chief Client Officer at MedRisk, his company stands at the portal of being able to use data and connective technology to provide more focused care for workers, particularly in the area of physical therapy.

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MedRisk is the leader in physical rehabilitation for the workers’ compensation industry. Our clinically based program ensures evidence-based care, reduces costs, and promotes return to work.

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