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How One Call’s Care Navigators Go the Extra Mile to Aid Injured Workers

Comprehensive, collaborative, and consistently communicated care are key to a workers’ compensation risk management approach.

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One of Teletha Burnett’s most fulfilling experiences as a Care Navigator with One Call was when she helped an injured worker become the parent he wanted to be, despite his catastrophic injuries.

A workplace accident left him unable to walk, and doctors said the condition might be permanent. He was young, in his 30s, and expecting to be a father.

“He was concerned about being able to hold his child, walk around, and play an active role in her life growing up,” Burnett said.

As the Care Navigator assigned to his claim, Burnett reviewed all the notes and documentation associated with his case. During one of her regular update calls with his adjuster and case manager, Teletha suggested Rehab Without Walls, an extensive therapy program that could help him walk again and be an active father.

The injured worker completed the program and by the end of it, he was walking around his neighborhood cul-de-sac holding his daughter.

“He’s able to walk around and take care of his baby,” Burnett said. “He is so happy and fulfilled.”

His incredible story is a testament to the advocacy of One Call’s Care Navigators — a team of dedicated professionals who help coordinate catastrophic and home health claims from start to finish.

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