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How Injured Worker Advocacy Helped Overcome 3 Early WC Claims Management Challenges During COVID-19

Helmsman Management Services quickly jumped into action so its teams could continue providing care to injured workers without missing a beat.

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As the months have passed, many businesses have shifted operations to remain functional during the novel coronavirus pandemic. The team at Helmsman Management Services knew that it had to be thoughtful about its approach so that employees could still be effective and injured workers would feel supported.

“Like many companies, we suspended all work-related travel and had employees begin working remotely in early March due to the risk of COVID-19,” said Carolyn Turpin, vice president and regional manager for the West at Helmsman Management Services.

These changes were quickly implemented, with the goal of protecting employees’ safety and well-being while continuing to be there for customers and injured workers.

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Helmsman Management Services (HMS) helps better control the total cost of risk by delivering superior outcomes for workers compensation, general liability and commercial auto claims. The third party claims administrator – a member of Liberty Mutual Insurance – delivers better outcomes by blending the strength and innovation of a major carrier with the flexibility of an independent TPA.

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