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How Data Can Help Create an Injury Prevention Program that Meets the Unique Needs of Your Workforce

The Hartford’s onsite and virtual injury prevention programs are created to match an employer’s unique needs.

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Every company has a unique workforce with distinct business needs.

Office-based workers have different needs than say those working in construction or manufacturing. It extends beyond the sector, too. Some companies may attract or recruit more experienced and tenured employees while others do not.

It seems logical, then, that employers need to build workforce safety programs that are as distinct as their workforces. But many still use generic employee safety and injury prevention programs.

“If we know the claims experiences they’ve had, we can also tailor the services to meet what they might need,” Allison Scaia, vice president of Health Services, The Hartford, explained.

“As a leading provider of both workers’ compensation and group benefits, we are able to use data to find innovative ways to mitigate injury risk and help return employees to active, productive lives as a soon and safely as possible after an injury or illness.”

To help achieve this, The Hartford offers injury prevention programs, in partnership with trusted clinical vendors, that can be customized based on a review of claims data. They offer onsite and virtual services, including ergonomic and safety assessments, post-offer employment testing and other programs.

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