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How Current Political Tension Can Impede Business for U.S. Companies — And What Businesses Can Do to Manage the Risk

With current global tensions at an all-time high, businesses are wise to keep an eye on the growing political risk environment and work with insurers to find practical solutions.

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Trade disputes, military confrontations, economic instability, divisive elections — political risk is not new by any means. However, for businesses operating across the globe today, political uncertainty is making the management of global operations increasingly complex.

“I have never seen a global political risk environment as tense and uncertain as it is today,” said Francisco Cuevas, head of the Political Risk Division at Allied World in North America. Cuevas has worked in political risk and trade credit for more than 20 years, with the last three years at Allied World.

“There are countries, such as Turkey and Mexico, where the U.S. had very good relations, but shifting interests and unexpected circumstances have made those relations strained and uncertain,” he said.

Current political tensions are causing a vast amount of uncertainty for businesses in the U.S. For companies with foreign operations, this uncertainty is proving extra challenging.

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