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How Building a Global Insurance Program Business from Scratch Fixed Customers’ Most Common Complaints

A thoughtful product development, market strategy and innovative technology platform yields better customer service for multinational companies.

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Managing an international insurance program is complex.

Multinational insurers must understand the exposures faced by their customers around the globe, and issue policies that offer certainty of coverage and are in full compliance with local regulations. Close attention must also be paid to the management of cash and the claims handling process.

With so many moving parts, building a cohesive and successful international program often requires a custom made structure, but this can create challenges for insurers when it comes to making a consistent and efficient process involving multiple parties all over the world.

This in turn can cause customer service to crumble.

Sure enough, global companies are generally dissatisfied with the servicing of their international programs — ranging from levels of efficiency, communication and transparency that constitute the customer experience.


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