White Paper

How Artificial Intelligence Is Helping Workers’ Comp Pros Elevate Customer Service to Customer Experience

One Call is using sentiment software to capture how their customer service team is expressing empathy and analyzing that data to drive better outcomes.

White Paper Summary

In an ideal world, digital tools complement, and even enhance, the human touch required in workers’ compensation claims.

When a claim occurs, an injured worker is often frightened and emotional. They might be in pain and looking for answers from industry stakeholders who are meant to help guide them through the process.

Many professionals in the workers’ compensation industry know technology helps drive efficiency and provide swift support to injured workers, but it can also encourage empathy. Tools like natural language processing systems can analyze the quality of calls with injured workers and other key stakeholders.

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One Call is the nation’s leading provider of specialized solutions to the workers’ compensation industry. One Call’s solutions enable faster, more efficient and more cost-effective claims resolution with a focus on injured workers’ needs across the continuum of care.

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