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How Aerial Intelligence Is Helping Insurers Minimize Exposures and Safeguard the Future

High-temporal resolution images are giving a whole new meaning to the “bird’s-eye” view AI can give carriers.

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They say, “a picture is worth a thousand words.” For insurers that have access to aerial imagery with pixel resolutions high enough to capture what’s really happening on the ground in their books of business, pictures are turning out to be worth millions.

Take the case of a U.S. carrier covering California properties with tens of thousands of newly installed, undisclosed pools. The add-ons are courtesy of the surge in demand for at-home amenities that came about as many of us were limited to our home spaces during pandemic shutdowns.

With most property owners not disclosing these upgrades to the insurer many carriers found themselves with increased exposures at renewals; exposures they hadn’t factored into their premium rates.

One insurer was able to bridge this coverage gap by tapping into images and insights captured over the span of three years by Nearmap aerial imaging.

To learn more about Nearmap, please visit their website.

Nearmap regularly captures current, high resolution imagery and property insights across more than 100 million residential and commercial parcels in the U.S. and 10 million in Canada, giving the North American insurance ecosystem unprecedented access to truth on the ground to make critical decisions across the entire policy lifecycle — from mitigating risk and calibrating price, to supporting underwriting and renewals, to speedy investigation and processing of claims with both pre- and post- catastrophe data.

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