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How a Strategic Role Enables Adjusters to Dig Deep on Claims and Improve Outcomes

Over the years, the opportunity for adjusters to have more impact has changed, bringing with it a more strategic and dynamic approach to claims and promoting better outcomes across the board.

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The ecosystem of factors influencing a claim’s outcome has changed significantly. Take, for instance, litigation costs. In the last decade, costs have risen as a result of nuclear verdicts and social inflation.

“Risk managers and claims managers are not only tasked with proactively protecting against risks; they’re looking at how to reduce expenses,” said Jeff Sickles, chief claims officer at Broadspire, a Crawford Company. “That is why the adjuster is such an important part of the process. They have a financial responsibility that they are held more so accountable for today than 10 years ago.”

The adjuster plays a vital role during a claim’s lifecycle. From interacting with injured workers, claimants, carriers or other individuals on the claim, the adjuster is the person “in the know.” They may be viewed as a transactional resource in the past by some. Good for completing forms, checking boxes and sending out checks.

But there is much more to the role than that.

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