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High Impact Pharmaceuticals: A Review of Relatively Low Volume Pharmacy Cost-drivers

We will discuss some of the leading pharmacy cost drivers including significant increases in AWP, new developments in dispensing and billing channels, and categories of high impact pharmaceuticals.

Webinar Summary

Pharmacy costs continue to represent a substantial portion of overall spending in healthcare. Claim closures and reductions in compounds and opioids have helped to lower some of these costs, however, so-called “price opportunists” continue to emerge along with specialty treatments and new, innovative therapeutics.

Presenter: Nikki Wilson, Pharm. D., MBA, Director of Pharmacy Product Development, Coventry

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Coventry offers workers’ compensation, auto, and disability care-management and cost-containment solutions for employers, insurance carriers, and third-party administrators. With roots in both clinical and network services, Coventry leverages more than 40 years of industry experience, knowledge, and data analytics. Our mission is returning people to work, to play, and to life, and our care-management and cost-containment solutions do just that. Our networks, clinical solutions, specialty programs, and business tools will help you focus on total outcomes. Coventry recently became a part of Mitchell | Genex, creating the broadest continuum of technology and products serving the auto, workers’ compensation, and disability markets.

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