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For Successful Management of Workers’ Comp Claims, Communication Between Stakeholders Is Key

Injured workers, employers, payers and providers all have a stake in a workers' comp claim. But if they don't communicate clearly, less favorable outcomes may ensue.

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When a worker gets injured on the job, their path from injury to recovery is lined with aid from different people doing different jobs.

There’s the injured worker and their medical care team, of course. But there’s also the workers’ comp case manager and claims adjuster who work to guide claim activities, the family members who will support them physically and emotionally while they heal, and the employers who will help them successfully return to work once they’ve recovered.

“Effective management of workers’ comp cases requires an interdisciplinary approach,” said Dr John Anderson, chief medical officer at Concentra.

“There are multiple stakeholders in our workers’ comp system that are interested in both the clinical and the financial outcome of a case, which ideally can be managed and should be managed to ensure that the injured worker is restored to their pre-injury level of function as quickly as possible, at the lowest total cost per case.”

To get there, employers will want to partner with a provider that understands the unique nature of a workers’ comp claim. Anderson dove into how the different workers’ comp stakeholders can work together to reassure injured workers and help them through the claims process.

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