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For Paradigm, Strong Clinical Relationships Are Essential to Positive Patient Outcomes

Collaborating with top clinical institutions, such as the Mayo Clinic, improves care for injured workers, while helping Paradigm contribute to the larger medical community.

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As an industry leader in outcome-driven care for catastrophically injured workers, Paradigm relies on its extensive clinical expertise and more than 30 years of proprietary case management data.

These fundamentals enable Paradigm to effectively partner with top clinical organizations to help advance the delivery of better outcomes for patients. By participating and investing in these partnerships, Paradigm not only benefits from a stronger resource and knowledge base, but also shares information that helps patients around the world.

Paradigm’s Chief Medical Officer, Michael Choo, MD, exemplifies these values through his active involvement in research and relationship-building with leading organizations in a broad range of fields.

“There’s a difference between taking the information that’s already out there, digesting it, and creating a business model, versus dedicating ourselves to being an active participant,” explained Dr. Choo.

Paradigm’s Catastrophic Care Management division CEO, Kevin Turner, also shares this philosophy: “In developing new insights and sharing them throughout the medical field, we can help everyone do better and ultimately arrive at improved patient outcomes.”

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For almost 30 years, Paradigm has set the standard for outcomes-focused care and for transforming the lives of catastrophically injured workers and their families. Today, we offer an expanded set of innovative solutions that allow us to deliver better health outcomes and a better value for our clients.

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