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Fixing the Insurance Collateral Crunch

Learn about a new alternative to meet collateral obligations while preserving corporate balance sheets and liquidity.

White Paper Summary

The use of insurance collateral to bolster financial liquidity is not a novel concept.

Well-run companies that would rather devote resources to buying new equipment, acquiring another company, or hiring top-notch talent, would frequently turn to letters of credit or sureties to cover collateral requirements for insurance obligations and loss exposures.

But what worked well enough, say, 15 years ago, is not effective anymore. One important factor is that in the wake of the financial crisis of 2007-2008, banks  are much tighter with their lending requirements. This has put increasing pressure on financial officers, and their insurance brokers, to find efficient solutions that can keep the vital taps of liquidity open and flowing.

To learn more about 1970 Group, please visit their website.

The 1970 Group is a specialty finance company. We provide a bold, new creative solution for securing the insurance collateral companies need while reducing the impact on their balance sheets. In helping brokers and insurance customers free up liquidity, we allow organizations to seize growth opportunities and achieve strategic objectives. To learn more, visit www.1970group.com.

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