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COVID-19 and Work-From-Home Outran Employer Mental Health Support Capabilities. How Can They Catch Up?

From burnout to pandemic stress, employees are coping with a variety of new mental health challenges. When COVID-19 subsides, work-from-home arrangements may persist, leaving employers searching for new ways to offer mental health resources.

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4 Conversations Small Businesses Should Have with Their Workers’ Comp Agents and Brokers Before the New Year

2020 was a challenging year for small businesses. Having these conversations with your agent or broker can make your workers’ comp policy less of a headache.

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Keeping Employees and Clients Safe During COVID Has Been Key for Every Company. These Optum Execs Share Their Insights on What Works

David Young and Tron Emptage share what Optum Workers’ Comp and Auto No-fault have been diligently working on all year to keep their employees and clients safe and informed during COVID-19.

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These Are the 7 Biggest Workers' Comp Stories from 2020

Our most-read workers’ comp stories of 2020 revolve around the novel coronavirus, its worker safety implications and the financial effects it’s had on the industry.

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Here Are 5 Ways Restaurants Can Take Slip & Fall Risk Off the Menu

In this on-demand webinar, learn how slips and falls drive severity while cuts and burns comprise nearly one-third of all restaurant injuries. Yet all of these risks can be better managed.

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What Is 'Super Nurse Syndrome' and Why Ergonomics Should Focus on Fatigued Health Care Workers

At a virtual session of the National Ergonomics Conference & ErgoExpo, we’ll explore how changes to overtime and culture can make health care safer.

If JP Morgan, Amazon and Berkshire Hathaway Can't Reform Health Care, Who Can?

Shortly after the New Year, Amazon, Berkshire Hathaway, and JPMorgan Chase announced their joint venture, Haven Health, would be shutting its doors.  Haven’s goal was to make health care cost and delivery more transparent and economical for employers and employees alike.

Employee Embezzlement Just Got a Whole Lot Easier Now that We're Working Remotely

A work-from-home environment coupled with fear of the unknown has opened the door for employee theft — so long as businesses are not proactive.

Commercial Surety Is Hardening. How a Second CARES Act Would Help

Sureties are holding their own during today's economic instability, despite some hardening in the commercial surety market.

What If I Build a Cannabis Business and No One Will Insure It?

The booming cannabis industry is still struggling to attract adequate coverage.

3 Pandemic-Related Trends Influencing Commercial Property — and the Silver Lining They've Created for Insurers

How much has the property market changed in just six months since the onset of the pandemic?

What's a Gigafire? And How Could It Impact My Business?

The frightening superlative given to fires that reach one million acres burned could become part of the risk lexicon as wildfires get larger.

Opinion | With Climate Change Still Our Biggest Threat, Why Inaction from U.S. Insurers Is Increasingly Indefensible

Insurers pay when wildfires rage and hurricanes thunder in from our oceans. The drive is on for the industry to reduce its support for the fossil fuel use that contributes to climate change.

Addressing Fatigue Failure and BCPE Certification Needs: Don't Miss These Two National Ergonomics Conference Sessions

Sean Gallagher of Auburn University and Rachel Michael, co-chair of the National Ergonomics Conference, will present in a paired virtual presentation on January 19.

How Engaging Workers and Leadership on Ergonomic Best Practices Can Improve Worker Safety

Hear from two successful companies — Seattle City Light and Honda of Canada Manufacturing — on how employee engagement has helped make their respective ergonomic programs a success.

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