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National Comp 2021 is Back and In-Person. Here's What to Look Forward to in Las Vegas

National Comp, the premier workers’ compensation conference, is slated for an in-person event in Las Vegas from October 20-22, with thought-provoking sessions and speakers. 

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The 2021 Workers' Compensation Power Brokers Share Their Insights in Advance of National Comp

Ahead of their panel, “2021 Workers’ Comp Power Brokers: Be Ready for What Comes Next” the Power Broker panelists spoke with Risk & Insurance to share their career journeys, what trends they’re seeing in the industry and other insights.

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The Cannabis Legalization Tide Is Rising. Here's How It Will Affect Workers' Comp

A myriad of state and local laws and abrupt shifts from one administration to the next are creating challenges for employers trying to stay on top of it all. Atlanta attorney Crystal Stevens McElrath spoke with R&I about what employers and workers’ comp organizations need to know.

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Hybrid Work Models Are Here to Stay. Thanks to Tech Advances, Ergonomic Solutions Are Out There, Whether at Home or at the Office

The transition back to the office has been challenging enough. Ergonomics programs need not add to the complexity. A National Comp Session will lay out the roadmap to implementing cost-effective ergonomics programs at the conference in Las Vegas on October 20.

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Is Your Bill Review Solution Advanced, Agile and Accurate?

The right bill review solution is not only critical to control costs and deliver the best outcomes, but it calls for a combination of advanced technology as well as both clinical and legislative expertise.


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National Comp 2021 Keynote Highlights Challenges and Solutions Organizations Faced During COVID

The 2021 National Comp keynote focused on the challenges organizations have faced throughout the pandemic and the solutions they fostered.

For Equal Employment Opportunities, It's Essential Employers Review Both State and Federal Laws Related to the ADA

The Americans with Disabilities Act is the standard for equal employment opportunity and advancement, but employers must also review their state laws on the matter to remain compliant and fair.

Could Unlimited Paid Time Off Become the Norm? How a Pandemic Expanded the Conversation Around Work-Life Balance

COVID has created an interesting discussion surrounding unlimited paid time off programs.

Can Someone Hack My Online Chat? You Bet They Can. Here's 7 Ways to Stop Them

For businesses that use chat services to interact with customers, be warned: Cyber criminals are now using this tool as a way to expose vulnerability.

As Professional Services Liability Mounts, Consider These Highly Relevant Risk Management Tools

When professional services firms are sued by clients, the likelihood of an insurance claim increases when the client suffers a significant loss. Now's the time to get a grip on the claims landscape and prepare risk management tools to assess and address exposures.

How the Impending Talent Gap Is Pushing Brokers to Adapt Their Internship Programs to Great Success

With more individuals leaving the industry than entering, brokerages are turning toward their intern programs to bolster recruitment as well as hone talent.

Opinion | America, Don't Kid Yourself: COVID's Not Over Until It's Over for Everyone

Every risk management crisis undergoes a similar set of processes. When it comes to the pandemic, many are still wondering when the crisis will actually start to dissipate.

In the 8th Iteration of a National Workers' Comp Survey, Organizational Resilience Takes Center Stage. How Does Your Claims Organization Stack Up?

This year's study looks at organizational resiliency and the objectives of leaders and frontline claims professionals in the wake of COVID-19.

Is Your General Liability Loss History Well-Documented Enough to Help You Survive the Hard Market?

Social inflation caused by a rise in lawsuits brought against businesses and disproportionate nuclear jury verdicts have forced insurers to stump up multi-million dollar settlements.

ESG Mandates March into Anti-Bribery and Corruption Policies; What That Means for the Long-Term

Kroll's 2021 Anti-Bribery and Corruption Report shows 70% of respondents want environmental, social and governance included in ABC programs.

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