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There's an App for That: How Smartphones Are Addressing the Workplace Mental Health Crisis

As the mental health crisis continues to rage on alongside the pandemic, smartphone apps have shown promise in aiding those suffering from anxiety or depression. Benefits include catered solutions for specific users and real-time care.

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4 Ways PTSD Can Make Workplace Injuries Tougher to Treat

Return-to-work delays, increased physical pain and difficulties with treatment adherence are all in play when an injured worker has PTSD. Early intervention, facilitated by a holistic approach to care, may help to mitigate a physical injury’s mental health effects.

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COVID-19 Ravaged Already-Fragile Caregiver Mental Health. Why It's Imperative to Help Them Post-Pandemic

COVID-19 mentally exhausted already strained health care professionals. Here’s how we can build up the mental health of health care providers post pandemic.

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Opinion | Workers' Comp Claims Professionals, Know This: Burnout Affects You Too

Making sure frontline claims professionals are included in the conversations around how to prevent professional and personal burnout is necessary for them to thrive. 

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How to Bring Transparency to a Behavioral-Health-First Approach in Workers’ Comp

Payers and providers are looking to improve workers' comp delivery of care. That starts by bringing transparency to claims and placing behavioral health first.

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