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What Facial Recognition Experts Want You to Know Before You Use This Technology to Curb Serious Threats to Safety

Facial recognition is on the rise. Organizations are looking at ways to integrate the technology to their security systems, but risk managers who are considering implementing it should keep in mind that, if facial recognition has made huge inroads recently, it may not be the best solution for all companies.

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The Value of Reps & Warranties Insurance: A Comprehensive Review Going Into 2019

Representations and warranties insurance is designed to provide insurance coverage for breaches of reps & warranties made by the seller in a purchase agreement. Here’s a look at R&W trends, from pricing to claim frequency and severity. In his review, Risk Insider Phil Norton finds the sweet spot for this insurance cover.

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Dear Starbucks Customers: Tips Welcome. Needles? Not So Much

Starbucks baristas in some regions have reported a range of troubling objects and conditions in their stores, including drugs, alcohol bottles, blood, condoms and condom wrappers, and used syringes on floors as well as in the trash. Restaurants across the country are facing similar problems and scrambling for solutions to help protect their employees and customers.

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Employee Theft Not Fully Covered Under Policy, Says Court

When an employer discovered its employee stole $700,000 worth of supplies, it turned to its insurance carrier to cover the loss. But the time of theft came into question, since it was discovered under one policy period but happened during another.

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This CEO Has a Mission of Reducing Risk and Better Serving His Company's Clients

York Risk Services Group announced Thomas Warsop as its new chief executive officer, where he is committed to York’s growth by focusing on integrated solutions that drive down the total cost of risk and deliver high-quality outcomes for its clients.

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2018 WC Benchmark Study – Advancing Medical Management

On February 14, experts from the sixth annual Workers’ Compensation Benchmarking Study will share their 2018 research results on the best strategies to achieve what all claims payers agree must be achieved – improved medical outcomes and costs.

Rising Medical Solutions

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