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How the Current War in Ukraine Is Supercharging the Always Pressing Need for Political Risk Insurance

Why this is Risk & Insurance’s Emma Brenner’s pick: “Not only was this piece by Courtney DuChene extremely timely in its publication, but it allowed for readers to understand the insurance implications of an event as egregious as Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Further, it provides insight as to how we as an industry can respond to similar events in the future.”

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Why this is Risk & Insurance’s Autumn Demberger’s pick: “Twofold. One, I had been with the magazine for about six months at this point, and the #MeToo movement had everyone enraptured. It was comforting, on a personal level, to see my new place of work taking on this topic with professionalism. It showed me that it cared. And then, two, the content itself really makes this a top pick for me. Michelle Kerr’s coverage, the way she digs into the sexual harassment movement, the business implications, and how risk managers can approach this subject to curb incidents and protect workers. It’s newsworthy, even a few years later.”

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NFTs Are Disrupting Fine Arts: Here's What Risk Professionals Should Know

Why this is Risk & Insurance’s Raquel Moreno’s pick: “I really enjoyed this one because it made sense of something my husband talks about all the time. After reading this piece on NFTs, I finally understood why, as an avid collector, my husband’s schedule sometimes revolves around ‘bidding times.’ ”

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A Mega-Tsunami Is Coming; Can the East Coast Even Prepare?

Why this is former Risk & Insurance editor Courtney DuChene’s pick: “This deeply-reported feature by Autumn Demberger really dives into what it means for an event to be a Black Swan. This article frequently ranks within our top 10 stories of all time and brings all sorts of new readers to the site.”

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How The City of Philadelphia Cut Costs and Doubled Down on Employee Advocacy, Earning Their Second Teddy Award

Why this is Risk & Insurance’s Michelle Kerr’s pick: “For the R&I staff, especially Philly’s own Courtney DuChene, the City of Philadelphia’s Teddy Award win was a chance to celebrate local heroes. Courtney’s profile captured the heavy responsibility cities bear in protecting the people who protect us all, and the people who keep our services running — even amid the darkest days of the pandemic. It gave me a huge sense of hometown pride for our readership to learn how dedicated our city is to keeping its workers safe and healthy.”

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How Having Clarity Over Ancillary Benefits Data Improves Claims and Outcomes for Injured Workers

Ancillary benefit programs may be just one piece of the workers’ compensation puzzle, but they can have significant cost and duration implications if not managed well. For insurance carriers, data is everything. But using data to ensure that ancillary benefit programs result in optimal recovery for injured workers comes down to having a clear dashboard of meaningful metrics. CorVel’s ancillary benefits dashboard provides a clear picture of total program spend, utilization patterns, and jurisdictional considerations that affect the delivery of care for injured workers.


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Insurers, Take It from a Nonprofit Insurance Expert. Nonprofits Shouldn't Be Expected to Function like For-Profits

Can professionals really compare the insurance needs of for-profit business to those of nonprofit organizations?

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