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Don’t Bite – Resist the Lure of Phishing Emails

Law firms face significant risks in the digital age. Bad actors can gain access to the firm’s network and client records through phishing emails.

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Phishing emails by nature are designed to cast a wide net and “trick” the user to click on a malicious link. Such links might then provide access to the firm’s network, enabling the hacker to search for potential administrative passwords and/or to gain access to other networks. Other phishing links might trick the user into providing administrative passwords directly to the bad actor.

“Spear fishing” is a more sophisticated, targeted attack directed towards individuals involved in specific activities within the organization. For example, the bad actor may target employees in payroll, human resources, IT or finance. These employees typically have greater access to the firm’s network or administrative capabilities and may also be in possession of Personally Identifiable Information (“PII”) or Protected Health Information (“PHI”). The intent is to access and monetize the data.

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