Disruptive Technologies in Prosthetics

In this webinar, prosthetic expert, Jennifer McCarthy will dive into how technology is improving the work comp space.

When: September 18, 2019

Time: 11:00am to 12:00pm EDT

Webinar objectives:

Technology is impacting the healthcare field from the way care is delivered all the way to the way records are being stored. The prosthetic industry is feeling the same effects.

  • An overview of conventional prostheses will be discussed in order for the claims professional to understand the limitations prosthetists are attempting to address in their daily fittings.
  • The claims professional will be introduced to three different technologies that are making significant impacts to the claimant’s functional abilities and return to work goals. They will learn the basics about osseointegration, the Luke Arm and CoApt Pattern Recognition.
  • The indications and contraindications of these new technologies will be discussed in order to determine if the claimant is a candidate for the new technologies.
  • Costs and frequency of replacement associated with each of these new technologies will be outlined in order to assist in setting reserves for prosthetics with these different styles.
  • The claims professional will be educated on future technologies prosthetics that are currently in the investigational phase in order to anticipate potential changes in the types of prostheses being requested.


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