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COVID-19 Vaccination and Coverage under Workers’ Compensation

The continuing rollout of the COVID-19 vaccine, while welcome, brings questions regarding coverage that is new to the workers’ compensation pharmaceuticals field.

White Paper Summary

This is an emerging and evolving topic that the entire myMatrixx team is keeping a close eye on. To provide essential information about the vaccine, drug therapy in general, and the most up-to-date formulary considerations, we recently released a whitepaper sharing the myMatrixx position on Position Paper regarding COVID-19 Vaccination and Coverage under Workers’ Compensation.

The paper provides an overview of the cost of the vaccine, associated administration fees, reimbursement guidelines, formulary considerations and efficacy rates, particularly as they may apply to the workforce. There are also sections covering herd immunity, the emergence of new COVID-19 strains and vaccine availability as these continue to be significant areas of concern around the pandemic.

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