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Bringing Care to the Employer’s Doorstep: How the Pandemic Changed the Game for Mobile and On-site Health Care

Concentra is filling an increasingly important need in the market by providing expanded mobile and on-site health care support to employers large and small.

White Paper Summary

It’s a matter of record that the COVID-19 pandemic changed not only the way we work but also the way in which employers support their talent base. Maintaining the physical and mental health of our workers is more of a priority than ever before due to evolving market and cultural changes.

Mike Rhine, chief operating officer for Concentra® Onsites, said this renewed focus on employee health is creating a robust market for episodic health care support and mobile services to effectively meet the needs of employers and their employees.

The COVID-19 pandemic drove many companies to arrange on-site testing services and gave employers a taste of the benefits they could reap by having Concentra provide quality staff and vital services at their locations. As a result, employers are now looking to see what else they can do to increase savings and productivity gains — while also reinforcing their commitment to workforce health with their employees.

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Concentra® is America’s leading provider of occupational medicine, delivering work-related injury care, physical therapy, and workforce health services from nearly 520 Concentra medical centers and more than 150 onsite clinics at employer locations nationwide.

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