ASHRM’s Annual Conference & Exhibition

The ASHRM 2019 Annual Conference connects professionals in health care risk management for networking and exchanging ideas to improve outcomes and reduce risk across the health care enterprise.

When: October 13 – 16, 2019

Where: Baltimore Convention Center, MD

What You’ll Learn at the Conference

ASHRM 2019 features a diverse slate of industry-leading concurrent sessions presented by distinguished thought leaders in health care risk management and patient safety, in addition to memorable keynotes from nationally recognized speakers in health care and beyond.

Educational Program & Keynotes

ASHRM 2019 features five engaging and enlightening keynotes from high profile speakers to inspire and provide insights on the most important topics happening in the health care risk management field.

Who Should Attend
Healthcare Risk Managers
Healthcare Administrators
Patient Safety Professionals
Quality Managers
Health Educators
Nursing & Medical Staff Leaders

To learn more about ASHRM’s Annual Conference & Exhibition, please visit their website.

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