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A Global Insurance Program to Meet the Most Challenging of Environments

Swiss Re Corporate Solutions is leveraging technology and experience to provide its customers with cutting-edge programs in an increasingly uncertain and unstable world.

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Global businesses face an increasingly difficult trading environment.

The COVID-19 crisis, rising political tensions, terrorism’s growing threat and an increase in extreme weather events have all served to make the world a more unstable and uncertain place.

That’s why having a robust international program in place has never been more critical.

Swiss Re Corporate Solutions only fully launched its international programs offering five years ago but is already fast-establishing itself as one of the market’s key players, doubling its book year-on-year. Having realized a niche to provide a top-tier program for new and rapidly expanding global companies, it’s now looking to reach an even wider market.

Deliberately starting exclusively with programs for smaller corporates, Swiss Re has built up its capabilities over the last year to now be able to handle every size of customer. Now the programs have been extended to cater to the larger customer that requires a more complex structure, using multiple carriers to provide the coverage.

That increased capability has put Swiss Re on par with established players that have been running international programs for the past 40 years. To provide for its global customers, Swiss Re now operates or has partners in more than 150 countries and produces programs from 15 of those countries, with plans to grow even further with the addition of producing offices in Mexico, Brazil and Colombia.

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Swiss Re Corporate Solutions offers innovative, high-quality insurance capacity to mid-sized and large multinational corporations and public entities across the globe.

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