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7 Areas to Watch During a Water Mitigation and How to Get a Fair Price

Water damage losses can be costly. Auditors with both contracting and claims adjusting experience help secure good outcomes for insurers and insureds alike.

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Anyone who has dealt with a flooded basement understands the difficulty of remediating water damage, which constitutes 30% of all property insurance claims. Thoroughly drying out any wet materials is critical to avoid secondary damage. Depending on the severity of the damage and the size of the structure affected, this process can take several hours to several weeks and cost anywhere from a few thousand dollars to millions.

Emergency water extraction can be done by any local contractor. Although specialized training and licensing does exist to signify contractors with expertise in water mitigation, they are not required. This opens the doors for opportunistic contractors to potentially overcharge customers for unnecessary or sometimes nonexistent work.

“Since there are no licensing requirements, someone has to ensure that the work completed and the price of that work were appropriate for the damage,” said Rob Foster, Lead Water Mitigation Analyst at Engle Martin & Associates, a leading national independent loss adjusting and claims management provider. A former contractor himself, Foster is an IICRC-Certified Master Water Restorer, Master Fire and Smoke Restorer, and Master Textile Cleaner.

“My responsibility is to audit water mitigation invoices for compliance with the IICRC S 500 standards and assess whether the charges are acceptable and can be paid as an indemnification to the insured,” he said. No insurer, for instance, wants to pay for $50,000 worth of work when the same outcome could have been achieved for only $10,000.

After conducting a multitude of water mitigation audits, Foster identified some of the most common areas of leakage:

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Atlanta-based Engle Martin & Associates is a leading national independent loss adjusting and claims management provider. Privately held and owner operated, the firm delivers a comprehensive line of property and casualty claims service offerings.

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