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5 Ways Video Monitoring Will Aid in Mitigating Construction Site Risk

As video monitoring technology grows in sophistication, contractors and owners can devote these essential resources toward strong, safe and successful construction projects.

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Video monitoring has long been a part of construction site safety. Cameras overlooking equipment overnight aid in identifying vandalism or theft, while daytime recording can spot potential injury hazards for workers.

But, “the real value has yet to be fully determined,” said Bret Bush, risk engineering strategy and execution lead, IoT Innovation Lab at The Hartford.  “Video has played a huge safety role for construction sites, preventing trespass, theft and other like incidents.”

Bush added, however, there’s still a way to go with construction site monitoring. “Because of the sophistication of imagery we now have access to, we’re realizing there’re a lot more value-added benefits to find for our customers using a video approach.”

No longer tied down by wires, portable cameras can be placed anywhere. They’ve also become more durable and can record in high-def.

Because of cloud-based technology, as well, recording footage can be done round-the-clock instead of during a set number of hours, enabling construction sites access to 24/7 monitoring.

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