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5 Advantages of Partnering with an Onsite Mitigation Project Management (OPM) Vendor versus Post-Project Auditing

Insurance carriers that partner with a firm that can offer OPM will have a better opportunity to control mitigation costs and deliver a faster loss recovery.

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Returning properties to their pre-loss condition after a large fire, flood, or contamination event can often be a large and complex job that comes with a large price tag. To ensure accurate claim costs, insurance carriers typically conduct post-mitigation invoice audits to verify that all contractors followed industry standards, and that the work performed was justified and accurately invoiced.

While post-mitigation audits offer some savings for the insurance carrier, they can often leave a significant number of unaddressed items on the table. The retrospective view of the post-mitigation audit does not allow for opportunities to identify inefficiencies that an early onsite prevention would address in real-time.


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