4th Annual Telematics Insurance North America: Connected Vehicles Insurance IoT & AI Summit 2018

Network with North America's leading personal & commercial vehicle insurers.

When: April 25 -26, 2018

Where: Hyatt Regency McCormick Place, Chicago. IL

What You’ll Learn at the Conference

Agenda Focus on Day One

* AI As The Epicentre Of The Connected Car Insurance Future : Reduce Claims Numbers Using AI
* Operationalizing Commercial Lines Insurance : High-Level Strategic Visions & Execution Strategies to Reduce Claims Severity, Frequency And Loss Ratio
* Managing Multiple Data Streams & Types : Glean Telematics Data From Multiple Sources And Technologies Without Replicating Devices
* Optimizing The Use Of Telematics Data Beyond Pricing : Use Data To Profile Good Drivers, Create Robust Underwriting Engines, Improve Driver Behaviour And Claims Management Processes
* Managing Claims In A Connected Car Environment : Employ Telematics Data From A Claims Standpoint To Lower The Duration Of Claims Closing & Reduce Claims Dollars
* Next-Generation Telematics Technologies For Commercial Vehicles : New Focus On ELDs, Video Telematics & Dash-Cams And Dashboards

Agenda Focus on Day Two

* Personal Lines ‘Wins & Losses’ : Lessons Learned From The First Wave Of Personal Auto Insurance Carriers
* Handling Convergence : Best Practices For Handling Convergence Once A Customer Switches Carriers
* Autonomous Vehicles Future : Aligning Autonomous Vehicles & Commercial Insurance Models + Advanced Automated Safety Systems
* Insuring New Formats Of Mobility : Leverage The Use Of Telematics In The Shared Economy To Gain New Revenue
* Insurtech & IoT : Make Business Model Changes To Compete In The New Customer-Centric Environment
* Data Sharing : Making Data Accessible To The Insurance Industry In Positive Ways
* OEM Technology Roadmap : Know Exactly What That Will Mean For Personal & Commercial Insurance Models
* Future-Focused Discussions : Insurer-Led Perspectives On The Next Steps And How Telematics Connects In The Bigger IoT Picture

Who Should Attend

Network With North America’s Leading Personal & Commercial Vehicle Insurers…

With Job Titles Including Directors, CEOs, Assistant Vice Presidents, Senior VPs, Heads of, Managers, Actuaries, Underwriters, Lead, Analysts, Specialists, Modellers, Engineers, Supervisors, Scientists of…

* Commercial
* Personal
* Connected Car
* Data
* Underwriting
* Claims
* Treaty
* Product (Development/Research)
* Innovation
* Loss Control
* Reinsurance
* Analytics
* Actuarial
* Telematics

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