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4 Surprising Ways to Reduce Workers’ Compensation Insurance Costs

Employers don’t realize how controllable workers’ compensation insurance costs can be – here’s how they can control them.

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Common refrains uttered by businesses across the country include:

“Accidents happen.”

“The system is broken and is run by lawyers and doctors.”

“Workers’ compensation insurance is just a cost of doing business.”

According to Jason Cohen, divisional president of Strategic Comp, companies are not at the mercy of a broken system. “Unfortunately, many companies feel like the workers’ compensation system is rampant with fraud, and their insurance companies merely write checks,” he said. “Workers’ compensation costs are easily controllable if a business owner wants to control them, makes it a management priority, and focuses on a few key areas.”

To help your clients take control of workers’ compensation costs, here are four areas where a business owner should focus:

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