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4 Reasons to Consider Working with an MGU

All risks are not alike. Some are tougher than others. Here are 4 reasons why an MGU (Managing General Underwriter) might be the answer to your challenging risks.

The insurance business, like all businesses today, continues to undergo significant change, from technology to product design, distribution and customer expectations. MGUs (Managing General Underwriters) offer products, services and distribution networks to help clients, agents and brokers, successfully compete in this highly competitive market.

Experience, Expertise

MGUs focus on specific industries, businesses and geographic risks that they know and understand. This knowledge allows them to provide added value to clients and a greater comfort in working in specific geographic areas or market niches.

Ease of Doing Business

With an MGU, there is generally greater and more direct access to underwriting managers.

Creativity, Innovation

A highly competitive environment has resulted in the commoditization of many insurance products. However, all risks are not the same. Successful MGUs think outside the box when structuring programs, providing flexibility and new ways to look at doing business – not ways to decline business.

Financial Strength

A long-term relationship benefits everyone. That’s where the MGU’s financial strength, carrier relationships and their insurers’ ratings are critical. It takes a solid financial foundation to deliver products, services and distribution models to serve clients better, more efficiently and to keep them satisfied.

Introducing a Unique MGU Platform

A US stand-alone MGU platform, Ethos Specialty Insurance Services, operates in both the standard market and the excess and surplus lines arena. It focuses on tough businesses such as New York Contractors General Liability and Owners GL, Reps and Warranties, Commercial Property and Wind Deductible Buy-Back Insurance.

Visit our website for more information about Ethos Specialty or to speak directly to one of our professionals listed below:
New York Contractors and Owners GL – 646.956.1560 or [email protected];
Reps and Warranties – 646.956.1562 or [email protected];
Commercial Property & Wind Deductible Buy-Back – 404.419.2126 or [email protected]; 404.419.2124 or [email protected];
Lawyers Professional Liability – 860.280.6011 or [email protected];



Ethos Specialty Insurance Services (Ethos Specialty) is a world class US Managing General Underwriter (MGU) platform with exceptional leadership and underwriting talent. We are part of Ascot Group, a Bermudan-domiciled global specialist in insurance and reinsurance. Ethos Specialty provides underwriting talent focused on niche, specialized insurance products where human capital, product innovation and unparalleled underwriting expertise are critical.

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