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4 Insurance Coverages Community Centers and Health Clubs Must Review to Keep on Top of Risk

Facilities like health clubs and community centers have a unique set of exposures that must be addressed in order to continue to provide communities with recreation and fun.

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Health clubs, community centers and similar activity and social clubs are pillars of the community, bringing people together for exercise, swimming, community sports, day camp and more.

These facilities are often brick-and-mortar buildings that host a number of indoor and some outdoor activities. YMCAs, Jewish Community Centers, Boys & Girls Clubs and the like are just a few examples.

“These facilities in the recreation and entertainment space are always looking to expand their offerings, too,” said Lita Mello, senior vice president of K&K Insurance’s Recreation Division. “There are always new activities, new offerings popping up that can create a new exposure for them.”

Some activities, Mello said, include ballparks with bounce houses, inflatable obstacle courses, axe throwing competitions, paintball courses and more.

“There’s the obvious risk — a slip and fall on the property grounds — but what these facilities have that other businesses do not is an athletic component,” Mello explained. “There are gyms with exercise equipment, basketball courts, yoga classes.”

In the event someone is injured while using equipment provided by the center, the center must be prepared to take on that liability. The same can be said for participants in obstacle courses or axe throwing competitions.

“That’s why it is important for community centers and health clubs to understand their exposures and procure proper coverage in advance.”

Here are just four coverages and why such facilities must be thinking about in order to maintain a safe and fun environment for its community.

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