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3 Ways One Health Care Company Empowers Local Providers to Deliver Better Care

As an intermediary between payers, providers and DME manufacturers, this member service organization is going above and beyond to give independent providers the tools they need to succeed.

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It is well known that both clinical and claim outcomes benefit from holistic, patient-centered care. Whether it’s workers’ comp, general liability, or commercial health insurance, the focus at the end of the day is returning the patient to maximum functionality and health.

Often, delivering that care extends beyond the four hospital walls. After discharge, patients may require post-acute services like durable medical equipment, home health care, physical therapy, wound care, respiratory care or custom rehabilitation equipment. Providers of these ancillary services are critical stepping stones in a patient’s path toward recovery.

“We serve very diverse patient populations and communities, and still believe all health care is local,” said Cole Herstam, Senior Vice President of Strategic Initiatives at Homelink, a VGM Group company.

“The problem is that local, independent ancillary health care providers can find it tough to compete with larger, national providers with more experience contracting with regional and national payers. Without connections to the payer community, these providers miss out on opportunities to treat local patients, and patients may miss out on opportunities to work with smaller, high quality providers in their community. As the managed care contracting and patient servicing division of VGM Group, HOMELINK connects patients and payers with these providers.”

Here’s how Homelink fills that role:

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HOMELINK is an innovative, national provider of integrated ancillary services to the healthcare and workers compensation industries.

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