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3 Trends Threatening Post-COVID Economic Growth and Why Having the Right Insurance Partner Is Critical

Global political and economic shifts present new risks. The right mix of insurance products can provide stability in the face of uncertainty.

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With the influx of COVID-19 vaccines, much of the world is embarking on post-pandemic economic recovery. In the U.S., for example, the Biden Administration is directing more than $500 billion toward new infrastructure projects meant to generate millions of jobs and boost growth of transportation infrastructure, energy, including the renewable energy sector, K-12 schools among other investments. It has also devoted millions more to state and local governments to support local recovery efforts.

But a cloud of uncertainty hangs over these promising initiatives.

Many businesses are still on unstable financial footing due to pandemic-induced disruptions and losses. Stalled vaccination efforts in some emerging and developed countries and the emergence of new variants mean the possibility of another COVID-19 surge. Increased political volatility and anti-government protests around the globe also threaten foreign investments.

This convergence of recovery with adverse macroeconomic trends underscores the need for flexible and responsive insurance products, including political and credit risk policies as well as commercial bonds.

Here are three examples of how the risk landscape is shifting in 2021, and how the right insurance products can help to mitigate instability and uncertainty.

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