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3 Traits of a Best-in-Class Ancillary Benefit Manager

Efficient coordination of ancillary services is critical to promote a speedy recovery for injured workers and control costs. Here’s how the best get it done.

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Workers’ compensation professionals recognize that timely delivery of care demands a higher level of coordination and organization. Between the injured worker, employer, carrier, case manager and provider, there are multiple stakeholders involved in even the simplest of claims.

In many cases, treatment will also demand ancillary services such as diagnostic imaging, home health care, durable medical equipment, physical therapy, transportation and translation assistance.

“It’s what happens outside the primary physician’s office that really determines how quickly the injured worker will recover,” said Rhonda Moran, Senior Vice President of Network Services, CorVel. That’s also reflected in claim costs. Together, ancillary services make up an average of 48% of the medical spend.

Efficient coordination of these services is critical to reduce delays and streamline treatment, which helps to both control costs and get injured workers back on the job faster. Ancillary benefit managers (ABMs) sit at the center of this web of providers and stakeholders, and therefore play a crucial role in keeping claims on track.

The best ABMs do more than just make appointments based on doctors’ orders. They are actively involved in the quality evaluation and contracting of the services provided, ensuring access to care and clinical decision-making is timely, while serving as a compassionate voice and advocate for injured workers.

Here are just three traits that identify ABMs who go above and beyond.

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CorVel is a national provider of risk management solutions for employers, third party administrators, insurance companies and government agencies seeking to control costs and promote positive outcomes.

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