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3 Kidnap & Ransom Risks Frequently Overlooked by U.S. Companies

Crisis response services included with K&R coverage prove essential when domestic companies face these unexpected threats.

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Few companies would list kidnap and ransom as one of their greatest business risks — especially smaller U.S. companies with little foreign exposure. Many people tend to perceive kidnapping as a threat primarily to employees traveling abroad. While large companies with foreign subsidiaries or traveling workforces may be at greater risk, neighborhood “mom and pop” shops are not immune.

“When people think of kidnap and ransom, they tend to think of kidnap exclusively. There’s a misperception if you don’t have any employees traveling overseas, then you don’t need this coverage. The exposure is much broader than people realize,” said Melissa Person, Divisional Assistant Vice President, Fidelity/Crime, Great American Insurance Group. “Domestic companies are still susceptible to this risk.”

Specifically, here are three frequently overlooked ways domestic companies are exposed to kidnap and ransom risk:


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