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2018 Workers’ Compensation Benchmarking Study

Drawing upon focus group research, the 2018 Study Report examines the most potent medical management strategies for impacting claim outcomes and costs.

White Paper Summary

Since the Workers’ Compensation Benchmarking Study launched in 2013, claims leaders have consistently ranked medical management as the number one core competency most critical to claim outcomes. With medical expenses representing over 60% of claims costs in many jurisdictions, the 2018 Study further investigates how high performing claims payers are surmounting this top industry challenge. Drawing upon first person, focus group research with more than 40 industry executives, the resulting report details progressive strategies for combatting ever escalating medical costs while simultaneously improving injury recovery results.

To date, more than 1,800 claims leaders have participated in the study’s quantitative surveys and qualitative focus group research. Their insights have helped build a robust profile of the successful claims organization and established a mature benchmarking tool by which to measure industry advancement.


To learn more about Rising Medical Solutions, please visit their website.

Rising Medical Solutions is a national medical-financial solutions firm that provides medical cost containment and medical care management services to the workers’ compensation, auto, liability and group health markets.

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