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Top Insights from #VCIAConference

For over 33 years, the VCIA conference has been providing an opportunity for 1,100 captive professionals to connect, network and learn from others in the industry. Read on to learn the key insights from the conference.

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The educational workshops and impactful sessions were just as beneficial if not more as they’ve ever been. Furthermore, the conference continues to offer networking opportunities to meet with clients and key industry players in a face-to-face setting.

Key highlights from the conference

An overview of captive insurance and the industry

As we already know, captive insurance is an alternative to both traditional insurance policies and self-insurance. Captives provide flexibility and control over managing the drivers that impact the total cost of risk. The insurance industry is ever-changing and moving to meet the needs of the marketplace. And because of this, captive insurance options are becoming more and more appealing for many organizations.


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The General Insurance Group is the largest business segment within the Old Republic Insurance Group and specializes in the property & casualty marketplace. Each company focuses on a select segment, offering specialized insurance coverages or specializing by industries. This is our competitive advantage. While collectively we offer a full suite of risk management and insurance solutions, our expertise in unique industry segments is unsurpassed. We serve large corporations with complex risks, small and mid-sized companies, and consumers with home and auto warranty offerings.

Risk Matrix: Presented by Liberty Mutual Insurance

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