White Paper

Risk of Workplace Trauma

Trauma poses a significant risk to an employee’s performance impacting safety, quality and production. This paper draws on the literature, case studies and research while offering the appropriate ingredients to establish a culture that helps mitigate the risk of workplace trauma.

White Paper Summary

Psychological trauma impacts an individual’s psyche resulting from his or her involvement in or witnessing a seriously distressing event. There are a range of residual effects, such as changed behaviors, family problems and job performance. Fortunately, some seek help from professionals, family members, friends or coworkers. Unfortunately, others take refuge with drugs, alcohol or even suicide.

In this paper, we will focus on the impact that trauma has on job performance by providing specific examples, along with solutions to address this issue. The subject of trauma is complex, but supervisors with the help of professionals can assist in addressing the risks that can lead to catastrophic results. Trauma knows no boundaries. There are no industries immune to the traumatic impact resulting from horrific injuries or death.



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