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By: | April 9, 2018
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Mexico Earthquake Devastation Spurs California Cities to Action, Despite the Costs
//Los Angeles Times
Some cities may spend up to $1 million to identify their most vulnerable properties.

Coastal Flooding on the East Coast Is Worsening, Causing Roadways to Suffer, Report Says
//Boston Globe
Tidal flooding jeopardizes more than 7,500 miles of roads along the East Coast, including more than 400 miles of interstate highway.

Brutal Choice in Houston: Sell Home at a Loss or Face New Floods
//New York Times
As climate change increases the frequency and intensity of storms like Harvey, no neighborhood is immune from being flooded again.

Homeowners in US Virgin Islands Sue Insurance Companies
//Virgin Islands Daily News
Owners with so-called “force-placed insurance” are filing lawsuits against various insurers, claiming their efforts to receive hurricane damage payouts are being ignored.

FEMA: Flood insurance premiums to rise this year
//Philadelphia Inquirer
Rates may increase by up to 25 percent for vacation homes, commercial properties and homes with repeated flood losses.

Hard Choice for Cities Under Cyberattack: Whether to Pay Ransom
//New York Times
Local governments are seen as more vulnerable than private businesses, both in their technology and in their limited ability to tolerate system failures and down time.

Cryptojacking Skyrockets to the Top of the Attacker Toolkit
//Business Insider
Detected incidents of unauthorized cryptocurrency mining, known as cryptojacking, increased by 8,500 percent in 2017.

EU Data Laws Risk Aiding Cyber Criminals, Internet Body Warns
//The Telegraph
The EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) could compromise or close crucial databases used to identify and shut down attacks.

California Judge Rules That Coffee Requires Cancer Warning
Such a warning would likely apply to all coffee products sold, because of the costs and challenges of creating California-only packaging.

Judge Allows 2,300 Women to Proceed with Gender Bias Lawsuit Against Goldman Sachs
//The Independent
The lawsuit is one of the highest-profile cases targeting Wall Street’s alleged unequal treatment of women, a claim raised in a variety of litigation against many banks for decades.

Vaping Leading to New Generation of Nicotine Addicts
//New York Times
The growing vaping industry is targeting a youth audience, which many consider predatory marketing.

Japan to Place Accident Liability on Self-Driving Car Owners
//Nikkei Asian Review
Japan plans to hold owners responsible for accidents involving self-driving cars, easing liability concerns among automakers and likely accelerating commercialization efforts.


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