White Paper

Five Qualities of an Effective Business Workflow Solution

No two payors are the same, so their business workflow solutions shouldn’t be identical either.

White Paper Summary

With today’s continuous goal of achieving cost and quality effectiveness, the flexible and customizable rules engine has become an integral part of an efficient business workflow system. When a workflow is powerful and flexible enough to adapt to any business need, it can automatically produce better outcomes and can help companies that process medical bills outperform their distinct business goals while differentiating themselves from their competition. Ask yourself…


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Mitchell simplifies, enhances and accelerates property & casualty claims handling processes through workflow solutions that include unparalleled access to data analytics, decision support tools, pharmacy benefit management, and the broadest range of networks and partners.

The Risk List: Presented by Travelers

6 Emerging Risks for Manufacturers

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Driverless Cars
Internet of Things
3D Printing
Design Flaws
High Tech Equipment