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6 Critical Steps to Reduce Violence in Health Care Facilities

Health care workers fall victim to workplace violence four times more than any other industry. The physical and verbal encounters are not restricted to the emergency room either. Chubb’s VP of health care, Diane Doherty, has been monitoring the disturbing trend of violence against health care workers for years and complied a list of key tips for what should be done to curb the ever-present threat of violence against caregivers.

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The Camp Fire: Key Insurance Tips to Remember During This Unprecedented Wildfire Catastrophe

Just when we thought it couldn’t get any worse with California’s wildfires, it did. The Camp Fire, the death toll still rising, has left thousands without shelter and consumed entire cities. California’s insurance commissioner, Dave Jones, issued a release reminding residents to look for coverage under their homeowners’ policies for help with evacuation and recovery expenses during this volatile wildfire season.

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Opinion | What's Really Going on With Net Neutrality?

The Federal Communications Commission adopted “net neutrality” rules in 2015. These regulations ensure ISPs give you access to all web content and applications regardless of the source and prevents favoring or blocking products or websites. But oddly, just a mere two years later, the FCC repealed these net neutrality regulations claiming the rules discouraged ISPs from investing in additional capacity. I am confused.

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Pharmaceutical Company Faced with a DOJ Subpoena Will Find Coverage from Its Insurers

Pharmaceutical company Astellas Pharma Inc. sought legal coverage for costs associated with a U.S. Department of Justice subpoena for health care fraud and other false claims wrongdoing. In court, Astellas’ three insurers were required to pay despite arguing their policies did not include such claims.

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11 Growing Risks Impacting the Construction Industry

Construction defect litigation and safety top the list of severe risks, but new technologies like robots and drones also challenge the construction industry going forward. As demand for new projects increases, owners and contractors should keep these threats in mind. See our map of these and seven more top exposures facing the sector, plotted by frequency and impact.

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Employee Lawsuits Are Costly – Win or Lose. These 4 Trends Are Making the Risks More Severe

Small neighborhood businesses and Fortune 500s alike are facing increased exposure to harassment and discrimination claims. Emotion-driven juries, the #MeToo movement, aggressive plaintiffs’ attorneys, and varying state regulations all increase the likelihood of facing an EPL lawsuit, and the cost of those suits are rising. Despite these trends, there are steps your company can take today to minimize your exposure.

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California’s Deadly Wildfires, By the Numbers

These seven figures demonstrate the severity of the horrific wildfires that broke-out in California on November 8th. And as of today (November 16th), the fires are only 48% contained.

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A recent survey of 500 female business travelers found an overwhelming 80 percent of women said safety concerns impact their productivity on business trips.

You Probably Aren't Covered for the Next Cyber Incident. Here's Why

Assuming cyber policies will respond to any loss related to the use of a computer could leave companies in a bind.

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Janine Kral works to identify and mitigate risks, building strong partnerships with leaders and ensuring they see her as support rather than a blocker. 

3 Reasons Why Simple Workers' Comp Claims Result in Catastrophic Costs

Simple injuries that spiral into catastrophic claims account for a disproportionate share of overall workers' comp dollars. Understanding how we think about pain can go a long way toward developing effective treatment strategies.

Why Are You Wasting Money on Pointless Workers' Comp Claim Investigations?

Payers must devote more attention to identifying which cases merit investigation and which tactics produce the best results.

5 Workers' Comp Professionals Weigh in on How Much the Industry Has Changed

Risk & Insurance® asked five top workers' comp veterans about the most impactful innovations they've seen during their tenure in the industry.

Starbucks' Workers’ Comp Program Earns a Teddy Award for Its Exceptional Employee Advocacy

In just four years, Starbucks Coffee Company changed the way workers’ comp claims were handled by placing the process in the hands of their partners.

3 New Executive Leaders Join Aon's Construction Service Group

Sean O'Connell, Jason Wren and Wendy Sue Ash join Aon's Construction Service Group.

Google Walkout Reminds Us Why Internal Reputation Can Make or Break a Company

Protests at Google show the very real threat internal reputation can pose if employees feel their company no longer has their best interests in mind.

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