Bermuda Captive Conference

Don’t miss Bermuda Captive Conference 2017—mark your calendars now for a fantastic fall event.

When: September 11 – 13, 2017

Where: Fairmont Southampton Resort, Southampton, Bermuda

What You’ll Learn at the Conference

In 2017, the Bermuda Captive Conference shifts to September—but you can count on this premier industry event to provide the same valuable educational and networking opportunities in a new season. Following a successful 12-year track record, the conference moves for one year only to the autumn due to the America’s Cup in May–June 2017.

The conference will still offer captive owners, risk managers and insurance professionals all the elements they have come to expect from our blue-chip jurisdiction’s event: top-tier speakers, a compelling agenda, exotic leisure activities, and unparalleled opportunities to interact with industry leaders, specialists and peers from all over the world.

Emerging trends and strategies are always the focus, providing attendees with advantages they can really use. Hot topics such as innovative new ways to use captives, taxation treatments, investment and claims trends, and the latest insurance products are just some of the areas the 2017 conference will highlight.

In addition to speaker sessions, panel discussions and technical training sessions, another hallmark highlight is “Bermuda shorts”—15-to-20-minute sessions that provide targeted, in-brief analyses of topical subjects affecting captive industry professionals, from case studies and specific lines of business to best practices and regulatory issues.

So, don’t miss Bermuda Captive Conference 2017—mark your calendars now for a fantastic fall event.


Who Should Attend

Captive owners, prospective owners, Risk Managers, brokers, service providers, CFOs, treasurers, legal counsel and any others interested in learning the ultimate corporate opportunities in self insurance.


To learn more about Bermuda Captive Conference, please visit their website.

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